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Working closely with the competent ministries, we have been providing tailored on the ground film fixing services since the mid-1990s. We have worked with many big name production houses and national networks, always with fantastic feedback. Vietnam is our speciality, though one of our team is also a Laos expert. We know the best fixers in other neighbouring countries, and recommend them directly. We would cautiously advise clients to avoid 'multi-country' fiim fixers, and unnecessary mark-ups, for obvious reasons. We have not provided film fixing services in the UK, but if any Vietnamese film-makers want to shoot in Great Britain and Northern Ireland - talk to us!


We have a network of qualified translators and interpreters with experience in both Vietnam and the United Kingdom. We have provided accurate written translation work between English and Vietnamese for several clients, as well as interpreting service for a long list of clients, varying from the Miss Universe Organisation to the NHS. We can provide on the spot interpreters, or if required, we can also do telephone interpreting.


tnam's best high-end bespoke tour operators, working with local UK Travel Agents as a B2B provider, enabling them to give their clients the best possible up-to-date travel advice. With team members in both countries working around the clock, we offer a seamless connection with Vietnam.

With over two decades of experience in travel at the business end in Vietnam, we work as a UK representative for some of Vie



We have partner companies all over Vietnam, producing high quality products for export. Factories in Vietnam tend to be usually somewhat smaller than the mega factories in China, allowing for much lower minimum order numbers. Working with several clients, we can also easily arrange container consolidation, in order to bring in samples.


Our bilingual teams in both the UK and in Vietnam are experienced and capable of providing tailored investigations for both the private and commercial sectors. If you need assistance with information relating to anything Vietnam-ralated, or spanning both countries, we have the means and the people to help!


We are a professional Trade and Services Broker. As well as providing UK representation services for Vietnamese companies from our Wirral office, we are also experienced in providing guidance and contacts for companies who want to establish a remote Vietnam base to manage imports from the UK - or any other countries!

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We have drone operators in both Vietnam and the UK though the services provided tend to vary, based on demand. In Vietnam we have arranged drone operators for film and tv clients for footage to go into their production, and in the UK our experience has mainly been aerial photography and roof or site surveys. Send us your inquiry, we will see what we can do for you!
Most of our clients in Vietnam get shooting permits from the Foreign Press Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who we have a great long-term relationship with. Filming with a drone in Vietnam requires a licence from the Ministry of Defence, which is perfectly understandable. We have never been refused a drone filming permit yet, so do talk to us about where and what you want to shoot there.
In the UK we use a DJI Mini 2, which can shoot 1080p/4k high definition footage, and capture high quality stills, including panoramic and scrollable 360ยบ images as you see here. If you are in the Merseyside area and want to survey your roof before and/or after having work done, or to take aerial photography of your property or construction site, get in touch!
Please be advised that we do strictly follow the rules, so you should trust our experience, which tells us to plan where we want to shoot before applying for permits. Obviously airports and prisons or military bases are sensitive areas and there is no chance filming in those areas, let us advise you how to go about your application, which the Foreign Press Centre will advise on before submission to the MOD.


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We have partner offices in several locations in Vietnam, liaising with our UK head office