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Welcome To Introducing Vietnam

We are a dedicated partnership, one British, one Vietnamese, both bi-lingual, both extensively travelled in Vietnam. We provide a full start-to-finish production support service for film and photography crews who want to shoot in this beautiful country.


Interpreting / Translation

We have worked for many years smoothly moving between English and Vietnamese conversations, ensuring smooth communications! Having worked professionally as an Interpreter both in the UK and in Vietnam, and at high level negotiations with International Organizations and government, in business and more frequently in media, and visited over 50 provinces many times, we know how important correct communication is in this field!

All Your Travel Needs

We'll advise you where to stay, to suit your budget and needs, sort out transportation, meals, entertainment, you name it!. We don't add a mark up - in fact, we'd rather refer you to online booking websites for usually the best rates, but advise you where suits your preferences! We shared an office 10 years ago with one of Indochina's top Tour Operators, and are very well-placed to organize whatever you need as regards logistics.

On the Ground Fixer / Production Assistant

We know every town and city, travel times, where to find stuff, on the spot, if it can be done, we'll get it done! It's quite normal for us to be asked to rent cyclo and rider, or not(!), concert facilities, any kind of motor vehicle, electric scooters, craft services, wrap parties, gift or award presentations, short notice permits, extras, cold drinks, hot drinks, noodles, sandwiches, 4A batteries (true - for Lady GaGa!), our experience makes your experience!

Procuring Permits

Talk to us about permits - you'll apply for this yourself - but we're more than happy to advise you about how to go about it!.Talk to us first about your permit, what you want to shoot - there's a lot of talk around lately of some people loading extra onto the price of a permit - we'll send you directly to the office which issues them, with some advice, if necessary, of how to approach it.

Some recent feedback:

MIKE BLUETT - Northern Dogs TV

I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending Fong. I was recently involved in a very demanding shoot in Vietnam and, hand on heart, we would not have achieved the excellent results we did without Fong. Smart, hardworking and great to spend time with.

PAT CLARK - Pat Clark Media

We just wrapped our production yesterday. Working with Fong was the best experience I've ever had shooting abroad. He was an amazing help not only for his translation and logistics but he is just an amazing guy. In fact, one of the guys from my crew chose to stay on for three more days just to see the country with Fong. He was professional, experienced, and made the entire production run very smooth. He took care of accommodations, logistics and was a great interface between our shoot and the Vietnamese people. I would highly recommend him to my friends and will I definitely be doing another production in Vietnam with him.


I did work with Fong for a reporting project in Vietnam, and he was quite simply fantastic. He was hired as our fixer, but he quickly established himself as the most valuable member of the crew. Fong is extremely hard-working and professional. Without him we would have been totally lost multiple times. His English is great and he has a deep knowledge of what it takes logistically to do video reporting in Vietnam. And on top of all the professional benefits he provides, Fong is also just a great guy. He became a friend of ours that I hope to host in Washington D.C. next year. He'd be a wonderful addition to what sounds like a great website you've created.


To say that I was impressed my Fong's level of professionalism would be a massive understatement. He was on time, if not early every single day. He seamlessly worked with the producers, crew, and talent. If ever an issue arose during production and it called for improvising, he was very quick to suggest and facilitate smart alternatives that resulted in very little downtime. Fong's people skills were fantastic. This made him quite poplar with everyone involved in the production, but equally, if not more important, those people skills proved to be a very valuable asset when crosses the language barrier. It allowed the team to interact with locals where the language barrier would have made that impossible. Lastly, Fong's strong foundation of knowledge regarding the villages and towns we shot in, as well as the country's history in general (in this case it was Vietnam but in speaking with him I know it doesn't end there), allowed him to completely answer a multitude of questions by the producing staff, crew, and talent, during our stay. If ever I could give a glowing recommendation for a person for a very smart and humble individual who is top notch in their craft, and is as solid as they come as a person, Fong would fit that bill.

Urs Bachofner, Executive Producer, Swiss National Television

It's not easy to work in Vietnam. You need a lot of permits, you have no chance to understand the language, and it's very importent that you know the right people. For all this, Peter Murray is the right man - he procures all licences, he knows the Vietnamese culture and people and he has a very big network of contacts. And as a native European he knows what is important for the Western journalists and television producers and how they think. This mixture is unpayable! I can really recommend him!


Earlier this year we travelled to Vietnam to produce a 3-part series on the Vietnam War for SBS Australia. Fong was our fixer on the ground and did a month of research beforehand looking for locations and contributors. Fong's work was great, he got what we needed editorially and found the people we needed to speak with - all this while navigating the logistic and bureaucratic issues associated with filming in Vietnam. I wholeheartedly recommend him for future work.


I worked with Fong around a month ago and it was a great pleasure. He´s professional, helpful, works around the clock and knows his way around. He´s very good with our foreign crew and have good relationships with the people in charge of official permissions. On top of this he´s creative and came up with great ideas that we´re now implementing in our project. He´s also loyal to whatever budget you may have. I´m going back to Vietnam to finish our project there and I´ll of course work with him yes, highly recommended !

About Us

Pete Murray

Pete has been taking care of film crews, on and off, since a very early shoot in 1997 with Walker's World for Sky TV, and several years as a freelance interpreter, including focus groups for MR and high level government meetings. Leaving Vietnam after 18 years there was hard, but I am very lucky that my work takes me back there, and I have thoroughly enjoyed these last few years in the UK, where clients have often consulted me locally when planning the shoot. With Fong on the ground in Vietnam, I love to stay involved via the internet, as the shoot goes to completion!

Fong Bui

Fong has travelled extensively all over Indochina, and is fluent in Vietnamese, English, and Laotian, hence also Thai. We shared an office in Saigon in 2006, and have worked together since on various projects for clients from all over the World. Fong's easy-going outlook and love of his own country shine through with every satisfied client!

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Pete also leads a yearly tour through the hill tribes regions of far NW Vietnam and Yunnan in China, for Exclusive London Travel Company, Wild Frontiers.
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